15 February 2008

Things to do while you have a broken ankle...

While it's driving me absolutely crazy to be spending most of my time on the sofa with my foot in a boot, I have found a few things to do with my time...this blog being one of them. I thought I'd share some of them here.

My main activities revolve around the upcoming presidential elections, primaries and general. I feel very strongly that our nation needs to move in a more positive direction than it has for the past seven years...maybe longer. That's why I'm supporting Barack Obama for president. I believe he is the most promising candidate of those from which we have to choose. I also believe Senator Obama is the most honest of the candidates, and that is something we have been lacking in our current president and his administration.

If you believe as I do and would like to get involved (every single American SHOULD be involved!), please visit Senator Obama's campaign website and sign up and lend a hand. You can do this at OBAMA '08. You can find friends in your area and get involved with groups, either nationally or locally.

Another site I've been spending a bit of time on is CARE2.COM. It's another way to get involved with issues that are of concern to people who are paying attention to what's going on in our world. There are some really nice people on there, and it's a way for us to make a difference.

I feel that it's important to be an informed voter, so I've looked up a few ways to do that. A couple of sites I've found are PROJECT VOTE SMART and GOVTRACK.US. Project Vote Smart is a tool to find information on any and all of our government officials and candidates. Govtrack.us is for "tracking the 110th United States Congress", as the subtitle of the site states, and allows users to keep up-to-date on their senators and congressmen, as well as legislation and bills being considered in Congress. Very cool sites!

The other thing I've been doing is playing with my new email program, IncrediMail. It's fun and you can find lots of user created stationery, and even make your own originals. It includes stationery, notifiers, animations, sounds, e-cards, and skins. It's so fun! You can have tons of fun with the free version, or you can go all out and get the premium version. (I just HAD to, ya know.)

So, thanks for letting me ramble on a bit. Please check out some or all of the sites that I've mentioned, if you have a chance.

Always, Verna

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